Heavy Rain / Poor weather conditions

Should we experience some very heavy rain at the beginning of the day, please note the following:

1. Bus children:

The children will be collected as usual and they will not go to the playground for an early morning.

Emergency closure of school due to severe weather conditions

If a decision is made to close the school for the whole day because of adverse weather conditions notification will appear on the school’s website home page.

In the event of any difficulty information will also be displayed at http://schoolclosures.suffolk.gov.uk

BBC Radio Suffolk will also be notified, 95.5, 95.9, 103.9 or 104.6 FM (www.bbc.co.uk/suffolk), but there is inevitably a time-lag between a decision being taken and broadcast, or information being displayed on their websites.

Any decision to close the school is based on the following factors: safety of the school site, transport arrangements, ability to staff the school adequately, weather forecast for the day.