British Day

What a lovely day we had!

Oak class made lots of suggestions about how we could learn about our country and its values. We voted to learn about breads of the world and Miss Perkins was sent on a mission to the supermarket to see how many different sorts of breads she could buy. We looked at each type carefully and found out where they were originally from. Then we tasted them -we tried bagels, pitta bread, scones, baguette, ciabatta, flatbread and scones. We were pretty full after that feast!

Next we made our own yummy bread rolls. We mixed together flour, yeast salt, sugar and water and waited for the dough to rise. Then we cooked them in a hot oven for 15 minutes and they looked fantastic.

We liked lots of the different breads from around the world and we talked about other foods that have been brought to our country from different places around the world. Lots of us liked foods from other countries!