The Eucharist

As part of our learning in RE, we visited our Church and Rev. Canon Sharon explained about the Eucharist and how this makes Christians feel.

Spirituality Day 28/2/23

This past term, Spring 2023, we have focussed on spirituality in our Collective Worship: the Wows, the Ows and the Nows.

Today at Cockfield the children enjoyed a day when they could explore what the word spirituality meant to them. We agreed that it was not something we could see, but what we felt inside. The children were curious and open minded to exploring life’s big questions. They used their imagination and creativity, appreciating the beauty in the world.

The oldest children discovered amazing things about nature, a sequence of numbers called the Fibonacci sequence, in flowers, snail shells, pine cones and in all sorts of places. They made calming glitter jars, they identified their favourite calming aromas, and made the Christian fish symbol out of willow, creating textile art by weaving their own fish.

Other classes listened to music and created mosaics to show how it made them feel and their thoughts. The youngest children used parrot puppets to consider how positive, and poisonous thoughts affected them. I was very impressed with their stunning fishes, all of which were unique, and in response to the text Only One You.

A lasting memory was made by enjoying a ring doughnut, a symbol of spirituality for us today. Many filled that hole today with their thoughts and feelings. We took a moment to pray, to Be still and know that I am God. A valuable and memorable day.

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