Oak Class Science

In science we have been learning all about plants. Today we were looking at roots and talking about what jobs they have. We went weed hunting in Lime class’s garden and found loads of weeds! We bashed the soil of them and then washed the roots so we could have a really close up look. We then used magnifying glasses to take a close look. The weeds had lots of different sorts of roots – some plants had a few thick roots, others had LOADS of really thin roots.

We also found a sapling of a sycamore (we think…we had to look it up in a book about trees). We have replanted this as it had started to wilt.

After that we took the weeds back into the classroom and used our sketching skills to draw the plants really carefully.

We are carrying on with our plants learning after half term, so check back again to see what we have found out!