Science Week

Science week was fantastic fun! We worked hard to investigate more about things that move. We used lots of different ways to make things move – can you tell your grown up some of the ways we used?

The highlight of the week was a trip down to Earl’s Meadow to sail the boats we had made. We thought carefully about the materials we would use to make sure they would float. We had carried out an investigation at school to find the best materials and made predictions about what might happen. We had great fun finding out which boats floated the best and then we raced them down the stream! Some sailed very well, others floated but were not strong enough to survive the race. We thought about how we would change our boats if we made them again, talking about what we had found out at the meadow.

We were very lucky to see a barn owl flying down at the meadow – we think he or she must have heard us coming!