Our Governing Body

Every school has a governing body made up of a team of volunteers both from within the school community and the outside community. The governing body focuses on the long-term development and improvement of the school and has collective responsibility for decisions made relating to spending the school’s budget. It provides a visible form of accountability for the Headteacher and staff for the standards which the children achieve and the quality of education. At Cockfield Primary School, the governing body comprises 12 members:

2 Co-opted Governors elected to provide a link between the school and the local community;
1 LA Governor appointed by the Local Authority;
2 Foundation Governors (representatives from the Church)
3 Parent Governors elected by parents and carers of children at the school; and
2 Staff Governors elected by members of staff at the school. The Headteacher is automatically one of the staff governors.

At the beginning of the first meeting of the Autumn term, one governor is elected as Chair and one as Vice-Chair. The Governing Body is also supported by a trained Clerk who takes minutes and provides advice and support.

Our Current School Governors are:

For more Governor details see HERE

Mr James Scott

Co-Chair of Governors

James joined the Governing Body in October 2012. He has two daughters who currently attend our school.

Mr Norman Kelly

Co-Chair of Governors

Norman joined the Governing Body in July 2013.

Reverend Sharon Potter

Vice Chair of Governors, DBE Foundation Governor

Sharon joined the Governing Body in February 2012.

She is the Rector of the Cockfield Benefice.

Mrs Jo Walton

Local Authority Governor

Jo joined the Governing Body in 2009, and has two children who previously attended the school.

Mr Dick Bayes

Community Governor

Dick joined the Governing Body in October 2010.

Christine Stainer

Community Governor

Christine joined the Governing Body in November 2016.

Miss Amy Perkins

Teacher Representative
Alternate Safeguarding Lead

Kristina Green

Parent Governor

Kristina joined the Governing Body in June 2016.

Viola King

Parent Governor

Mrs Trudie Harkin

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Trudie was appointed as Headteacher in June 2013, and joined the school in September 2013.