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We can provide wraparound care with a Breakfast and After School Club for our school children. Please enquire in school if this is of interest to you.

Welcome to Cockfield CEVC Primary School

We wish you a very warm welcome to Cockfield Primary School’s website and hope that by using this site you will get a picture of our vision, aims and of the values we uphold.

The children at our school are enthusiastic learners and we do our very best to make activities engaging, exciting, challenging and fun! Children love to learn.

As a school we are a community which values all its members; pupils, parents, carers, teachers, support staff and governors, we make every effort to work as a team. We value our foundation in the Christian faith and nurture our contacts with our church.

Please enjoy finding out about our school on this website. If you would like further information, contact us through the school office, we will be delighted to help.

Cockfield Primary School

The CEOP Safety Centre

The Click CEOP button below provides a gateway to the CEOP Safety Centre, an area of the CEOP website offering:

  • Advice on a range of online safety issues, such as hacking and cyberbullying;
  • Signposting to NCA-CEOP partners offering help and support on issues outside of CEOP’s remit, such as ChildLine and BeatBullying;
  • Reporting of suspected or known child sex offender activity directly to CEOP for investigation.

Reporting to CEOP

CEOP operates a 24/7 service for the receipt of reports. Reports can be made to CEOP by a young person or on their behalf by a parent/carer or professional working with these groups. Children under 11 years of age are encouraged to tell an adult that they trust about what has happened and to ask for their help in reporting this either to CEOP or local police.

All reports to CEOP are treated as reports of crime.

Summer Term – Key Dates

18th April Swimming for Years 3/4/5 starts
19th April Willow Class – Farm Fair trip

W/C 23rd April all clubs start 

Monday 30th April Lime Class – Muddy Monday
Thursday 10th May – Kingdom Day, Discovery Centre to visit Willow/Oak
11th May Wellbeing day – Bradfield Woods
W/c 14th May Y6 SATs

Half term – w/c 28th May

4th June PD Day

Tuesday 5th June, Lime and Oak trip to Lackford Lakes.
7th June Scooter taster sessions for Oak/ Willow/Birch
W/C 11th June – Year 1 Phonics tests
18th June Learning Together with parents Drugs Education – 1.45pm – 3.15pm Lime/ Oak
19th June Learning Together with parents Drugs Education – 1.45pm – 3.15pm Willow /Birch
25th June World Cup week
25th June pm Y6 Crucial Crew
25th June pm Earls Meadow Trip – Lime & Oak
25th June pm Year 6 Crucial Crew
3rd July Sports Day, back up pm of the 10th July
7th July FOCSA School fete
9th July Science week
17th/18th Year 6 Moving Up days
17th July – Whole School Moving Up Day
20th July FOCSA disco
23rd July Pm Y6 Leavers Service
23/24th July Activity days

Tuesday 24th July – Last Day

PD DAY 5th/6th September 2018

New term commences Friday 7th September